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Straight from the hearts of the families who have seen first-hand how the AVA Center has, and will continue to change lives in Eastern Kentucky.


We were four days from moving to Lexington to get Chase the therapy he desperately needed when we got the call from the AVA Center. Now, my child, who was diagnosed with non-verbal autism, is talking and even reading! God is truly working miracles at the AVA Center!

-Bethany Branham Smith, Mother of Chase

The AVA Center started small, but we have expanded so quickly! However, additional growth is still needed, and we will not stop fighting for the precious baby boys and girls in our region who are just live our granddaughter, Ava. The AVA Center will continue to give hope to children with autism, their families, and our Ava.

-Donovan & Debbie Blackburn, Grandparents of Ava

For everyone who loves Carson, 2020 has been anything but a year of negativity. For me, 2020 will always be known as a year Carson found his voice and i got to hear 'I Love you Mommy' for the first time. For that and all the other victories, we will forever be indebted to the AVA center.

-Nicole Newsome, Mother of Carson

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